A handpicked selection of catchy research paper topics on finance

Basically, finance deals with allocation and management of assets and liabilities. Choosing great research paper topics in finance for your graduate, master or doctoral dissertation is one of the biggest challenges that many students face. They spend years and some of them years on their research project and their academic achievements are dependent on it- it ends up delaying their graduation.
To avoid the stagnation, one should be keen on the topics they choose for their project. The basic guidelines for choosing a topic include;
First, choose a topic you love/or have an interest in, you are knowledgeable about and the instructor finds interest in. secondly let the topic be relevant and helpful to your career path and that which establishes your knowledge in the chosen field otherwise it may eventually seem like a waste of time and become a bore. Lastly, the topic ought to be manageable; one that is too wide may demand more time than you have.
Here are some interesting topics that you can use for your research paper for finance.

  • Importance of access to credit and other financial services to growth and investment
    Investments and business growth are all crucial for financial growth of an individual, an organization or even a country. Can this be achieved without credit? How does availability of the mentioned services favor growth and investment?
  • Women empowerment through micro-finance
    This is an important topic given the world focus on empowering the girl child and women. Microfinance refers to a collection of banking practices built around providing small loans mostly without collateral and accepting small deposits in repayment. It has proven to be very effective in alleviating poverty among women who had limited or zero access to loans before.
  • The awareness of micro-finance on developing economies and its impact
    Microfinance has pointed countries with developing economies to the path of development and growth. In this topic, investigations are to be carried out on the level of awareness of microfinance in developing countries and how they have incorporated it into their financial systems.
  • The impact of financial crisis on the banking industry
    In the wake of the global financial crisis, the banking industry is obviously among the first to be hit. Over the short term banks lost money on mortgage defaults and resources for credit to consumers dried up. Longer term effects include facing new international financial regulatory actions.

There are many more topics for financial research, most of them addressing the contemporary financial issues in the world.

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