A complete guide to using different formats in your research paper

As long as you are writing an academic paper, you will have to use some or the other kind of format for the paper. There are several things that go with the inclusion of formats and there are several things that you will have to take care of all by yourself. This is one of the most important parts when you are looking into something that is really important.

The format is generally prescribed by the university or your course director. There are some specific things that you would like to address in the format while you are at it. But these will require you to spend some time in collaboration with people in your surroundings. You will also have to look at the several complications involved in the game.

The title page of the research paper

The tile of the page paper is something that you should be able to complete with reasonable ease if you are well-read about the guidelines. This also tells you about the differences in the title pages of most academic papers in general.

In general, the page number, the title of the paper and the name of the author and the university are included right in the title page of the paper.

The introduction and the abstract

The introduction and the abstract page feature in almost every format of the academic genre. There are also several people that make the most of the levels of expertise of people across genres. You must make sure the abstract and the introduction are in tune with the subject as well.

Irrespective of the format you are writing on, the abstract should tell the readers of the purpose of the composition.

The chapters of the research paper

The chapters need to be there in any format be it the APA, MLA or even the Harvard. If you are writing on these lines, there are enough reasons to be well in tune with the formats as well.


The conclusion of the paper is one that you will not be able to handle unless you have the right kind of resources as well as information on the subject.

The reference page is also common to most academic formats and you will do yourself good to identify with the several things that are important parts of the page as well.

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