5 Stunning research paper topics in educational psychology

Educational psychology is a branch of psychology that concentrates on the human learning development. It involves everything that surrounds the learning process and outcome. Some of the major factors considered in this study are environment, emotional state and also the teaching style. When choosing a topic, you ought to make sure that it lies within these factors. This is how to write psychology research paper that is relevant to this subject.

Choosing topics

There are three categories in which educational psychology topics fall.

  1. A topic that identifies and defines a problem.
  2. A topic that introduces new tools for study and practice.
  3. A topic to develop and evaluate solutions.

The instructions and expectations of your instructor ought to be the guide on which categories you choose. Below are research proposal topic ideas, psychology that you can cover within these categories.

  1. Language, literacy and reading
    This topic is an investigation of how children learn to communicate and read from an early age. Reading is a complex cognitive activity that is essential for the development of our society. In this topic, you could discuss how children acquire language and other developmental precursors, how they learn reading skills, how to best teach reading and assess reading skills and how to identify those who are at risk for reading difficulties.
  2. Behavioral and socio-emotional development.
    This topic seeks to determine sources of and developing solutions to behavioral and social difficulties. Investigate the sources of behavioral and social difficulties so that you are able to come up with instructional practices and treatment as well as develop assessment tools for identification and intervention of the difficulties.
  3. Neurobehavioral methods.
    Basically, this is a topic focused on the human brain; it’s about studying and understanding the human brain. It is based on research about the human brain, to learn the way people think, learn, develop and behave. Base your arguments on a real research, preferably one that has been done in a controlled setting. There are many ground breaking experiments in the history of psychology available for use- analyze these ones.
  4. Autism.
    Autism is a disorder of brain development characterized by difficulties in social interaction and verbal and non-verbal communication. In this topic, focus on how to identify this condition in its early stages, preventive measures and interventions.
  5. The achievement gap.
    In this topic, explore educational outcomes and disparities and come up with ideas on how to improve learning in students who are experiencing difficulties for the achievement of education equity.

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