5 Features That Define Outstanding Research Paper Topics

In order to write a good research paper you will first need to start with a suitable topic. Of course, there are various things that may decide whether or not a topic is outstanding or simply average - or worse.

  1. 1. Choosing a topic that you will feel comfortable writing about
  2. Firstly, it is a good idea to try and think of ideas that you will be comfortable writing about. For example, you do not necessarily want to choose a topic that will be difficult to research, especially if it is on the subject matter that you find boring or goes against any beliefs that you might have.

  3. 2. Choosing a topic that will be easy to research
  4. As mentioned, it is a good idea to think about how easy it will be to gather information. Whilst the Internet is a great source of information, you may also wish to carry out interviews, surveys and questionnaires.

  5. 3. Selecting a title that grabs the attention of the reader
  6. It is best to use a title that grabs the attention of the reader, and make someone to investigate further.

  7. 4. Try to make the work as unique as possible
  8. It can be hard to make things completely unique; however, you might be up to think of an interesting slot on the topic that helps your work to stand out.

  9. 5. Would you want to read the work based on the title?
  10. Finally, read the title back yourself and think about whether it make you want to read on – if not, try adjusting it until it does.

For example, here are some titles that you may or may not find interesting.

  • Do children with learning disabilities perform better when mixed in classes with students without learning difficulties?
  • How do fast food chains advertise to children, and should there be any restrictions on the marketing that these businesses can use when targeting people below a certain age?
  • How successful (or unsuccessful) has Barrack Obama’s presidency been?
  • Why do certain areas of the country traditionally always vote for either the Republicans for the Democrats?
  • What is a spam email, how effective is it as a marketing technique, and should there be any restrictions?
  • What restrictions and age limits are there when it comes to having cosmetic surgery, and should children be allowed to make changes to their body if they wish?
  • How are elderly people looked up to by the government when they do not have any family to rely on?
  • What causes acid rain and how dangerous is it to the environment?
  • How is smoke caused and what can be done to prevent it?
  • How safe is a scuba diving?

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