List of 10 research paper topics for college about Crime and Punishment

Criminology is a field that handles the nature, causes and the consequences of criminal behavior. Over the last couple of years, the study of crime and punishment has experienced tremendous growth. When asked to write a research paper on crime and punishment, there are some ideas that you will need to choose a good topic that you can write about. Here are several topics that are worth considering.

  • An analysis of way of deterring people from criminal acts. You can look at the various ways that are used to deter crime. Discuss whether the current methods that are in use today are working. Will the fear of facing death sentence stop people from committing these kinds of crimes?
  • Jail time. There are many people who keep going back to jail every now and then. Is this an indication that a better reform program should be made available for inmates?
  • The effects of abductions on individuals and families and ways in which law enforcement agencies can use to stop the crimes.
  • Alcohol related offences; A critical analysis of how alcohol works and its impact on judgment
  • The effects of violence in the home and how it affects children development. What treatment option can be used to reduce the effects?
  • Use of marijuana: What are the effects of using marijuana? Should it be legalized?
  • Racial profiling? Is it in order to stop someone because they fit the description of a criminal even when they haven’t done anything wrong?
  • Prison education. Should college education be taught in prison? What is the impact of this on the society?
  • Drug addiction and crime. A critical analysis between the use of drugs and crime. Should criminals who are drug addicts be jailed or should behavioral therapies be prescribed?
  • Wrongful convictions. Should people who are convicted wrongly be compensated?
  • There are many other topics that you can write on crime and punishment. You need to ensure that you get enough information on the topic and carry out enough research. It will also be important for you to have a thesis statement to help you prove to your readers why you believe in that thesis statement. When you do that you will be in a position to write a great paper.

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